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1 Dead, Thousand Evacuated; Southern California Burning in Blaze



More than 10,000 acres of southern California has burnt in blaze while firefighters are trying to put the wildfire under control. Residents have been evacuated from Santa Paula and Ventura to keep safe from the fire.

Having broken out on Monday, the Blaze started in an area of about 50 acres while strong winds spread the covered woods to thousands of acres. Thousands have left their home before evacuations and more have suffered power outages. One person has died following a car crash during attempts to escape the blaze.

Fast and wild winds pushed the brush fire towards Santa Paula. Around 30,000 residents live in Santa Paula in about 60 miles northwest of Los Angeles. More than 800 homes were evacuated there.

Thomas Fire Updates: Visit or call the incident information hotline at (805) 465-6650. The fire…

Posted by Ventura County Fire Department on Dienstag, 5. Dezember 2017

The speedy spread of the blaze, known as the Thomas Fire, is expected to affect the lives of city of Ventura. More than 100,000 people reside in Ventura. Evacuation orders are in place for at least 1,000 homes in the east of the city. This is while the cause of wildfire has remained unknown.

Ventura County Fire Chief Mark Lorenzen said in an interview that “the prospects for containment are not good.”

Really mother nature is going to decide when we have the ability to put it out because it is pushing hard.

Besides the evacuation of some cities, schools in Santa Paula were announced closed till the time safe condition is restored. Thomas Aquinas College, which about 350 students attend, has also been evacuated.

Various parts of California have been targeted by wildfire in previous months. According to the reports, the people are dissatisfied with the authority’s plans to prevent or control the blaze.

Crazy ass fires here in Santa Paula. . Friend just called, needs my trailer cause he's being evacuated. .

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