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$2-Billion for Silence; Saudi Arabia Bribes the UN to Keep Offense in Yemen



Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman reportedly employed financial influence over United Nations secretary-general in a recent visit.

Bin Salman had a meeting with António Guterres on 27 March, 2018 during which a $2-billion bill has been paid under the pretext of giving assistance to resolution of Yemen issue.

This is while Saudi Arabia is behind all the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. During the three-year war against Yemen, Saudi Arabia and its allies killed more than 10.000 people (the number is considered 50.000 by unofficial sources).

Bin Salman also slammed some of UN new strategies regarding Yemen during meeting with Guterres issue while putting emphasis on constructive former relations. He further noted that some members of the UN and UNSC and western countries are planning to denigrate the face of coalition (Saudi-led coalition) calling for the termination of these approaches.

Saudi Arabia utilized financial sources to support forces, purchase arms from US and UK and train terrorists in the region. The new step is offering bribery to lessen the worldwide pressure and proceed with violent measures against Yemen and other countries of the Middle East.