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3-week Rallies Continue; Protesters across Israel Call for Resignation of “Crime Minister” Netanyahu



Protesters in Tel Aviv gathered to call for the resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Following corruption allegations whose case was reopened recently, the marchers chanted “Bibi is an embarrassment” in a demonstration that lasted for several hours.

The protesters whose number exceeded 10,000 gathered in Rothschild Boulevard for a third consecutive week. According to the report by Ynet, the attendees of ‘March of Shame’ chanted “Bibi is an embarrassment” using Netanyahu’s nickname.

Many held signs bearing slogans like “Corrupted, we’re fed up with you,” or “Corrupted, go home” or “Sweeping out the corrupted.” They also called Netananyahu the “crime minister” of Israel.

“That is why we can’t let corruption continue and why we can’t let our leaders continue to lie to us,” said a protesters who took part with his son to the Jerusalem Post. Similar protests against Netanyahu and corruption took place in several cities across the country including Jerusalem, Ashkelon, Ashdod Haifa, and Modiin.

באנו חושך לגרש✋???

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The long-time corruption case of Netanyahu revolves around two different allegations. The first relates accepting tens of thousands of dollars from billionaire Arnon Milchan as gifts. While Netanyahu firmly denies any wrongdoing, he reportedly acknowledged having done Milchan’s bidding to then-US Secretary of State John Kerry.

The second probe revolves around his alleged attempt to strike a deal with the influential Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper for better coverage.

At the same time the PM’s wife, Sara Netanyahu, faces fraud charges over allegedly wasting $100,000 of public funds.

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Following the Friday questioning for a seventh time over the corruptions, Netanyahu called all allegations groundless in social media.

There is nothing new under the sun. This time, too, I answered all the questions, and again I say with absolute certainty: There will be nothing, because there was nothing.

The local criticism against the Israel government mounts in a condition that worldwide protests against Israel and US decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem sparked new wave of protests and hate.