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“Hands Off Syria”; Macron’s Address Protested by MEPs in European Parliament



Emmanuel Macron’s address in the European Parliament was silently protested by a group of MEPs. The MEPs who had placards reading “Hands off Syria!” protested the role of France along with UK in the recent US strikes against Syrian cities.

Macron’s address was aimed at reaching a greater European unity which was harshly confronted by a group of interlocutors. Macron’s call for unity occurs after loads of criticism was directed to the leaders of the two European countries following attack against Syria.

Macron, in his speech, expounded his plan for for a “profound transformation” within the EU. His plan, as he said, would lead to the abandonment of “selfishness and negativity” by the members and brings them back together. Calling the present state in EU sort of a “civil war”, he called for more unity spirit among the members.

This is while Macron’s long tirade of unity was coldly received by a major part of MEPs. Holding the signs “Hands off Syria!” and “Stop the War in Syria,” the protesting MEPs slammed the joint operation of the three countries late last week.

Liadh Ni Riada, an MEP from Ireland’s Sinn Fein party, tweeted during Macron’s speech, “Where was the democracy you talk about when you undemocratically attacked Syria President Macron ?”

France’s leaders were also reproached for Syria strikes in France’s National Assembly. The assembly members believed that the attack against Damascus without UN mandate was against all international and human rights conventions. Since Saturday, thousands of people also protested the strikes in France, Britain and other European countries.