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New Phase Brutal Attack against Yemen; Saudi-led Coalition Strikes Hodeidah



New phase of assaults against the Yemen’s main port city of Hodeidah have been inaugurated since yesterday by the Saudi-led coalition. It is also stated that former president Hadi has supporting role in the current wages against Yemen cities.

Reports indicate that the operation followed the failed deadline of UAE to the Houthis to surrender the city by the end of Tuesday. Saudi air and naval forces took part extensively in the operation.

Hodeidah and its port are a strategic zone for which Saudi Arabia and its allies has long been planning to retake. The UN has warned about the massive civilian casualties the potential attack could lead to in previous days.

The brutal military campaign against Yemen was started in Yemen by Saudi Arabia in 2015. Three years of Saudi-led assaults and strikes and a long-term blockade of Yemen has put the country on the verge of collapse. Saudi-led coalition strikes killed thousands of civilians in different cities of Yemen and left the citizens with famine, cholera, and numerous other societal crises.