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Saudi Airstrikes on Hodeidah Kills Civilians, Destroys Infrastructure, and Leads to All-out Famine



The army of the Saudi regime and its allies’ attack in Yemen began on June 13th to capture the strategic Yemeni port from Houthi forces.

According to UN office, many people have lost their entire livelihood after the destruction of their farms in air raids and over 4000 households have escaped from Hodeidah since June 1.

As AP reported, in the first three days over 280 people were killed, and it was increased in the next two days because the coalition continued its attack despite the primary commitment to limit it in the airport area.

Sweden attempted to end the fighting at Hodeidah by passing a motion at UN Security Council, but the US and UK rejected it and supported the Saudi-led coalition. They supply the Saudi regime with weapons and military equipment that are used against Yemeni civilians which has led to a harsh criticism.

The Red Sea port of Hodeidah is the center of more than 70 percent of Yemeni imports and the current situation has caused a massive humanitarian crisis and alarmed the UN. The invasion has made serious problems for a country with more than 22 million people in need of aid and on the brink of famine.

Thus, on Sunday, Martin Griffiths, the UN envoy for Yemen arrived in Sanaa to establish a truce deal between two sides.