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55 Civilians Killed And 130 Wounded in Saudi Brutal Airstrikes on Yemen Hospital



Saudi-led coalition fired more than two dozen missiles into Yemen’s western port city of Hudaydah on Thursday, hitting the fish market, the entrance to the main hospital and a security compound in the aerial attacks that killed at least 55 Yemenis, Reuters reported.

Dr. Peter Salama, who is in charge of Emergency Preparedness and Response at the World Health Organization said: “We’re particularly saddened at WHO by the attack on one of the major hospitals in the country yesterday, Al Thawra in Al Hudaydah,”

Eyewitnesses and medics said at least 52 have been killed and 130 wounded by several air strikes, some in critical condition.

The International Committee of the Red Cross said on Twitter it was sending medical equipment to Al Thawra Hospital to treat 50 people in critical condition following the attack.

Formerly, aid agencies warned that any disruption to vital supplies coming through the key Red Sea port could affect millions of Yemenis, who rely on them to survive.

On Friday, the UN has warned that Saudi’s deadly airstrikes on one of the last functioning hospitals in of Hudaydah has put hundreds of thousands of Yemenis at risk and damaged efforts to prevent a third cholera epidemic in the war-torn country.