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59 Per cent to Vote to Remain in EU in a Second Referendum



A new poll regarding the public idea about remaining or leaving the European Union shows that the British people would choose to stay if they were given a new chance.

The poll result shows the highest support for EU membership since the referendum two years ago. 59 per cent of the voter chose to remain while a total of 41 per cent still believe exiting the bloc is preferable.

52 per cent of voters in June 2016 favored leaving the EU showing a volatile vote for Brexit. The vote, after only two years and following recurrent financial and economic challenges, switched reverse. The new survey was carried out as part of an academic led report by research bodies NatCen and the UK in a Changing Europe.

The poll’s author, however, noted that some of those how took part in the new poll were absent in original Brexit referendum. A comprehensive analysis to all the poll regarding the same issue shows that at least 2.6 million people changed their mind about leaving the EU and would vote to leave in a potential second referendum.

This means that the same number could change the result of referendum in 2016.

The financial crisis in England along with political tension which led to resigning of a group of managers including three ministers seem to be changing Briton’s idea about Brexit.