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A Month-Long Absence, Is the Crown Prince Assassinated?



On April 21 2018, News agencies reported a fierce clash in Riyadh. Footage of the incident clearly showed a large number of tanks and armored vehicles around the royal palace. The sound of exchanging fire with heavy weapons was heard between the royal guard and a group whose identity has not yet been disclosed.

On the night of the incident, Riyadh police department confirmed the news of the incident around the palace, and said the reason is the arrival of a “toy drone” to the airspace of the palace.

However, the month-long of Bin Salman’s total disappearance cannot be conceived as accidental or normal.

Last week, Tramp’s Foreign Minister Mike Pampeo went to Riyadh on a surprise trip and Saudi officials told news agencies that there was a meeting between him and Bin Salman. But interestingly, there was no footage from the appointment So far as some news sources questioned the visit.

From that night, there were many questions and speculation from Saudi online users and There were many speculations about what happened in Cushani Palace. The rise of the #WhereIsBinsalman hashtag in cyberspace also highlights the global sensibility to Bin Salman’s absence.

After 30 days of disappearance, the official Saudi news agency “Vass” reported that Muhammad Bin Salman, Saudi crown prince, Vice-President of the Council of Ministers and the Saudi Minister of Defense, Yesterday, in a telephone conversation with Austrian Chancellor Sebastien Cortes talked about the diplomatic relationship between the two countries. But still there were no pictures.

Why the assassination scenario is believable:

– Naturally, the drone must be hit by a defense system and it take ten minutes to take down the drone. But the incident lasted for an hour And the direction of the fire was direct and not toward the sky.

– There are rumors of a heavy clash between the two sides, not between the presidential guard and a drone.

– Deploying armored forces, including tank and carrier, to take control of the situation in the conflict zone. All this means that there was something more than a “toy drone” approaching the Cushani Palace.

– Absence from all the foreseen plans of this month and cancellation of meetings and scheduled appointments

– Non-meeting with Pampeo, US Secretary of State, Not attending Riyadh’s military-military summit, where his presence as secretary of defense and commander of Operation Asefah al-Hazm was necessary. Absence in the king’s fasting, which is contrary to the custom and habit of the Saudi family.

Considering the assumptions that something happened to Bin Salman is not mind-boggling and from now on, we have to wait for the war of power over the crown prince position. Because the massacre of the young covenant was among the princes of the clan, such as the Motib Bin Abdullah, the great child of King Abdullah who was the former royal guard, Ben Talal, the wealthiest Saudi prince who is the head of the media giants in the region and a major shareholder of the world’s biggest social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, And on the other hand, there are two sons of Ben Abdul Aziz, the founder of the Al Saud family, Ahmad bin Abdul Aziz and Muktran bin Abdul Aziz, who claim to be crown prince. And the illness of bin Salman and the proximity of her death will be a new tension in the structure of Saudi monarchy.

What would be the future of Saudi Arabia, a country which was supposed to enter a new diplomatic era.