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A simple “Regret” for 40 Lives; Saudi Arabia Regrets Killing Students in Yemen



The strike of a bus containing school children kills over 40 in a glimpse of moment and the striker, weeks after the blast, gives response only by expressing “regret.” The Yemeni school bus was at a market when Saudi-led coalitions stroke it.
The Saudi officials say that their investigation shows that the strike was not justifiable military-wise and said they regret it. They also added that the mistakers are responsible for the disaster and not the commanders. Of course no one figured out the difference between commanders and mistakers.
This is while the coalition formerly called the school bus strike “legitimate”. The admission comes after worldwide pressure on Saudi Arabia for the release of sheer brutality against children.
The regret, however, is by no means appropriate for such an enormous disaster. At least the mistaker, or commander, or both while both may be the same, should be trialed.
The Saudi-led coalition, nevertheless, failed to express regret over the 3-year brutality against Yemeni people which left more than 50.000 victims, hundreds of thousands injured and millions homeless.
The number of people who are living in disastrous condition having no food to eat, no clothing to wear, no water to drink and no drug to cure should not be neglected. Western countries who support and arm Saudi monarchy are responsible for the offensive while keeping in mind that the bomb that killed the students was made in America and sold under Trump administration.