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“Oh God”; Melania Trump Panics at Pictures of Forlorn Boy at the Border



Melania Trump was shocked on seeing a photo of a six-year-old boy, Costa Rican, sitting in 38C degree heat in Arizona desert alone, carrying a Spanish note that in English read “I am looking for my mother.” She only said softly “Oh God.” He was wearing a long-sleeved shirt and jeans. With a large backpack, he had only a coke bottle less than one-quarter full. It was said that he had no food.

Melania Trump saw the pictures in her visit to a CPD facility in Tucson, Arizona. He wasn’t in the custody, and it did not get clear where he had been transferred.

Then, a photo was shown to Melania Trump by Chief Patrol Agent of the Tuscon Sector Border Patrol, Rodolfo Karisch, in which the boy had been left by his uncle with nothing but his backpack. It was also revealed that he was found on June 19th, in north of the US-Mexico border.

Melania stated that “It’s incredible, as young as six years old, you know, someone would leave them. Wow, very sad.” She thanked the border agent for their work, which she think is difficult and dangerous and said added that she was there to support and help them.