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Americans in UK are Warned to Stay Alert and ‘Keep low profile’



Donald Trump is going to a three-day visit to the UK on Thursday while many demonstrations are planned against his visit across the country, in which over 55000 will hit the streets of London. In this regard, the US Embassy in London has warned its own citizens over these demonstrations against Trump in the fraught US-UK ‘special relationship’.

He has issued some guidelines to its citizens which keep them staying alert in the crowds. These guidelines has shown how the ‘special relationship’ of these historical allies has frustrated over the past year.

Trump’s visit will have taken after 18 months when Theresa May invited Trump in January 2017. More than 1.8 million people asked May to rescind the invitation or it would be an “embarrassment to Her Majesty the Queen.” Moreover, Commons Speaker, John Bercow didn’t accept Trump’s visit due to his “sexist” and “racist” policies.

All these made Trump to postpone his visit. It came after he commented about London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, when the London Bridge terrorist attack happened. Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, took the mayor’s side and tweeted

The British people continued their opposition after Trump retweeted anti-Muslim messages of the far-right group Britain. May also condemned his for the tweet.

It seems that, Trump would stay away from London by meeting the PM at Chequers, and the Queen at Windsor Castle before heading to Scotland for the weekend.