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Anti-Netanyahu Protests Continue in Israel after Four Weeks



Protests against the Israeli Prime Minister continues after four weeks in Tel Aviv. Benjamin Netanyahu is called for resignation following numerous corruption allegations. The size and intensity of protests has been increasing in previous days.

People from around Israel gathered in the capital to show their anger over the recurrent corruption by the Prime Minister and his wife. Tel Aviv’s Rothschild Boulevard in previous days with thousands shouting “go home, corrupt ones!”

Other groups shouted “big business, politicians, and the underworld.” The protesters believe that a corrupted family could not be the leader to the country. As a protester told reporters, “I came to be like everybody, against the corruption, and against the government and against the liars and against all the stories you can hear about.”

Banners were also seen everywhere in the marches with text calling for the resignation of Netanyahu. “Crime Minister,” a banner read while people chanted “shame, Shame” and “Bibi Netanyahu go to Maasiyahu Prison.”

Moshe Ya’alon, former Defense Minister and one of the main supporters and instigators of protests against Netanyahu also attended the marches in Tel Aviv. In a talk with reporters, Ya’alon said “Corruption gives citizens the feeling injustice is being done.”

The protests were also reported from Jerusalem in which hundreds took to streets calling for the change of government. The protesters held banners saying “the police and IDF [Israel Defense Forces] belong to us all” and “we deserve clean politics.”

Haifa, Rosh Pina, and Nahariya were the centers of similar anti-Netanyahu protests. Haaretz report indicate that the number of protesters across the country exceeded 10,000.

Reactions to the two different corruption probes for Netanyahu and $100,000 fraud charges for his wife, Sarah, occur in a condition that Israel is facing worldwide protest following the US president Donald Trump’s decision to declare Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. 128 UN countries condemned the decision in General Assembly a few days ago.