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Basra Clashes; Traces of Saudi/US Rescuing Terrorists on Final Breath



The recent movements in Iraq, and especially Basra, indicates a new plan of action by curious sides to affect the pass of security and clean-up of terrorists. Iran’s consulate has been stormed by a group of unknown people, led by unknown plotters, seemingly for national calls.

The attack, however, seems to have had political and regional purposes behind the scene. As Reuters reported, the violence of recent weeks led to the death of more than 11 people while more people were injured.

The protesters shouted anti-Iranian slogans while Iran, acknowledged by Iraqi government and people, has been one of the main poles of security in Iraq in recent years.

The offensive, as reported by multiple sources, was raised after a group of Iraqi people, calling for their rights and following financial shortcomings, started protests against the government.

The protesters, however, were infiltrated by disturbers aiming to evade the route of protests. The disturbers, clearly supported and managed by Saudi and American sources, misled the protests for certain political aims, namely affecting Iran-Iraq relations.

The role of ISIS, supported and armed by western countries, in planning and leading these protests could not be neglected.

The American influence occurs after recurrent defeats in battle by Iran-Russia coalition against terrorists.  The recent false flag of bombing Basra airport near US consulate also proves the role of Americans in promoting hostility inside Iraq.

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