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Behind the Scene of the US Advisor’s Assistance to MEK Terrorist Cult



When it comes to Iran, John Bolton, the new national security adviser to the Trump administration, has always been a proponent of regime change in the country. Thus, he had a speech on July 2014 for the terrorist group of Mujahedeen Khalq (MEK) in Paris in which he declared that the United States’ official policy is regime change in Iran adding that “before 2019, we here will celebrate in Tehran!”

What has been cleared recently is that MEK expert Joanne Stocker asserts that Bolton has been paid at least $180k in “speaker fees” by the MEK changing him from a statesman to a lobbyist.

The terrorist cult MEK, an Islamic-Marxist organization, was found in 1965 and tried to topple the Shah of Iran through armed conflict. After Shah’s departure in 1979, it started a civil war against Iranian movements that continued until 1983. The conflict finished by the MEK’s defeat and exile due to greater popular support from the Khomeinists.

Then, they sided with Saddam Hussein in the eight year war against Iran which destroyed any support the group had in Iran. They continued their support from Saddam after the war as they were housed in Iraq’s Camp Ashraf.

The group’s terrorist bombing killed Americans which listed it as a terrorist organization from 1997 to 2012. Despite MEK members facing criminal prosecution in the US, Bolton not only hasn’t stopped receiving money from them, but also cozying up to the group to overthrow the regime in Iran. Such a change by applying a group as the MEK which cost the US trillions of dollar, is downright foolish.