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Bolton and Brexiteers Had a Secret Meeting to have a Trade Deal



There was a secret meeting between one of Trump’s closest advisors and senior Eurosceptic Tory politicians where they talked about US president’s desire to have a trade deal with the UK.

Last week, Members of the European Research Group of Conservative MPs had a discussion about Brexit with John Bolton, Trump’s national security advisor.  There were no government officials present which made Whitehall civil servants angry.

According to Lain Ducan-Smith, former Conservative leader, they met Bolton who said the US wants to have a trade deal within two years. He claimed that it was a conversation between friends though he has passed it back to government as a general conversation.

“We didn’t talk about details, he just simply said we’re very pro the idea of a trade arrangement as quickly as possible and the general view was that they could get it done within two years if the British really wanted to do a real push on it.”

Bolton met with Sir Mark Sedwill, his counterpart at the British National Security Council, in a separate meeting too.

He added that his chat was just a friendly one about the nature of the Trump’s administration, and “one point he made across to me was that everybody in America is really keen to make a trade arrangement with us.”

Trump will visit the UK on July 13 and there will be a meeting with the Queen as well.

He attacked the EU saying they take advantage from US, and imposed 25% and 10% on steel and aluminium tariffs from the EU, which caused the EU to place import duties on American-made products.