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Boris Johnson Is under Fire Due to His Lie about Skripals’ Poisoning



Boris Johnson, the UK Foreign Secretary, has jeopardized his position in government, when the Porton Down laboratory revealed that they hadn’t identified the Russian source of nerve agent used in the Skripals’ poisoning. Previously, Johnson declared in a video that Porton Down had confirmed to him the source of the Salisbury nerve agent. However, now it’s turned out to be just a lie!

On Tuesday, the Porton Down lab has officially declared that no Russian source of nerve agent used in the Skripals’ poisoning has been identified, which disaffirms Johnson’s claim. The claim which put his position as the UK Foreign Secretary at risk.

In the interview which was recorded a fortnight ago, the German TV interviewer asks the Foreign Secretary: “you argue that the source of this nerve agent, Novichok, is Russia. How did you manage to find it out so quickly? Does Britain possess samples of it?

“Let me be clear with you … When I look at the evidence, I mean the people from Porton Down, the laboratory,” Johnson replies, “So they have the samples?”

“They do. And they were absolutely categorical and I asked the guy myself, I said, “Are you sure?” And he said there’s no doubt,” Johnson continues.

Hicham Yezza, one of the fury people who criticized Johnson for his lie tweeted that: “In a Deutsche Welle interview two weeks ago, Boris Johnson said Porton Down experts were ‘categorical’ Russia was the source of the Skripal Novichok. Today, Porton Down’s CEO has confirmed this was not true. If confirmed, Boris Johnson must resign.”

Chris Furlong, a Labour councillor, has also criticized the Prime Minister by saying: “Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson here lying about being told by Porton Down that the source of nerve agent was from Russia. Today they have confirmed they cannot identify its source. It’s a blatant and dangerous lie. When will you sack him Theresa May?” Jeremy Corbyn’s biographer Alex Nunns also said “Surely this is a resignation issue for Johnson, as the UK’s chief diplomat, on a matter so serious.”