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Boris Johnson Undermines the LGBT Rights by Repealing the Same Sex Marriage



Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary of United Kingdom, undermined the LGBT rights, which put him under fire. Just a few months after endorsement of same-sex marriage, he allowed the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda to revocate it.

His legalizing and then revocating of the same sex marriage, has been considered as an unprecedented rollback of civil rights. John Rankin, the Bermuda’s governor, signed a bill to reverse the right for gay couples to marry, which needed to be approved by the foreign secretary first.

The repeal cause a wide range of anger among both people and authorities. Labour MP Chris Bryant, a former Overseas Territories minister, showed his anger in his tweeter.

Last month, Bryant called the bill a “deeply unpleasant and very cynical piece of legislation.” He said: “Bermuda seems to want to have it both ways. It wants the protection of being a British Overseas Territory but it doesn’t want to uphold British values and principles.” He also added: “A British citizen, regardless of what part of Britain they’re from, should have the same rights.”

Alan Duncan, the minister for Europe and the Americas, said the government was “committed to promoting and protecting the rights of LGBT people, not only because it is the right and just thing to do, but because we believe that the strongest, safest and most prosperous societies are those that are the most open and inclusive.”

People showed their anger in their tweeters. One of them, Laura Kalbag, said “F*** Bermuda. F*** Boris Johnson. F*** the UK for not doing something about it. We should not be trifling with people’s rights like this. It’s abhorrent.”