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Brexit: “We Need Clarity and Urgency from London.” – Irish MP Leo Varadkar



The Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, warned that time is running out, and still Theresa May didn’t give a vivid vision of her plans for Brexit. After May’s visit to Northern Ireland on Monday, the PM Leo Varadkar said that the whole world is waiting for May to explain her programs on Brexit.

The prime ministers met each other in Belfast to talk about establishing a new power-sharing administration in Northern Ireland, since the previous one was abolished months ago. Leo Varadkar asked for “clarity and urgency” from the UK Government. He also revealed that his administration “still don’t know what the British government wants Brexit to mean” despite months of negotiations.

“Time is running out, it is 20 months since [the Brexit] referendum, and we still don’t know what the British government wants Brexit to mean,” he told Irish public broadcaster RTE. “The UK is due to leave the EU in March 2019. It’s a little over a year away and I think we need clarity and urgency from London.”

Michel Barnier, the EU chief Brexit negotiator, has suggested that “one of the conditions” of a smooth Brexit process was the restoration of a government in Northern Ireland. Last week he said it was time for the UK to “make a choice”. However, the largest party in NI, has been seen as a hamper for a real solution and postponed the issue for several months later.

So many other senior European politicians also showed their concern about vagueness of Brexit. Manfred Weber, a senior ally of Angel Merkel who leads the largest group of MEPs in the European Parliament, said the United Kingdom needed “to come out with concrete proposals very soon”. He also added that May’s government had provided “no clarification” and “no idea” about Brexit.