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Brexiteers Plan May’s Ousting in a Meeting



Hardline Brexit supporters met recently in an attempt to plan for removing Theresa May from Power. The local sources confirming the report added that the how and when of the plan was discussed at the meeting.

“How best you game the leadership election rules,” said Representatives from the European Research Group (ERG), BBC quoted a source inside UK. One of those who reportedly attended the meeting said that “everyone I know says she [May] has to go,” “she’s a disaster,” and “this can’t go on.”

Press Association news agency was also one of the sources which issued the report about the meeting between Brexiteers

It was also formerly warned by a former junior Brexit minister that continuing with her Chequers plan may lead to threat to May’s position as Prime Minister:

If we come out of conference with her hoping to get Chequers through on the back of Labour votes, I think the EU negotiators would probably understand that if that were done, the Tory party would suffer the catastrophic split which thus far we have managed to avoid.

The controversial Brexit plan, also known as the Chequers deal, is a set of strategies defining the relationship between UK and EU after Brexit. Politicians along with British people, as indicated by multiple public polls, criticized May’s plan harshly and called for re-modification of her policies.