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British Weapons Strengthen Israel and Kill Palestinian Civilians



Israel killed more than 120 Palestinians who were taking part in the Great Return March, with the arms that was supplied by the UK. This invasion has caused Gaza’s hospitals to face shortage of basic supplies.

Although the UK is so critical of the killing of unarmed protesters in Gaza, it doesn’t halt its arms sales to Israel. Based on data recently released, Britain is breaking the record for arms sales to Israel. According to Campaign Against Arms Trade, last year Britain granted licenses worth £ 221 million to send weapons and military technology to Israel. There are large items such as f-35 jets and naval gunboats which were used in bombing Gaza.

There is a mass condemnation to Israel’s use of arms against the unarmed protesters in international human rights organizations. Despite the belief that the Israel’s attack is against the international law, the UK has shown its willingness by reaching a high record in sending arms to Tel Aviv.

Ryvka Barnard, senior campaigns officer for War on Want, said: “In abstaining from this vote, the UK government has yet again refused to commit to the protection of Palestinians’ human rights as they are targeted with the brutal and unlawful use of force by the Israeli military.”

Besides, it has been reported that the UK has sold weapons to Saudi Arabia in its war against Yemen which has caused the country face a severe crisis situation.