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Brutal Torture of Naked Prisoner by Russian Police in a Leaked Video



Russian prison guards Brutality exposed in a video featuring harsh torturing of a prisoner has sparked massive reaction among the people in social media.

The footage was released by local newspaper Novaya Gazeta explaining that it was recorded in June 2017. It contains distressing scenes of a prisoner, named Yevgeny Makarov, held upside down on a table. The man is brutally hit by fist and beaten by batons on legs and feet.

The prisoner, which is stripped after a while, is also exposed to waterboarding technique. Howling, shouting and begging, the man calls for mercy and termination of the torture. He seems to be losing consciousness in the video.

After 10 minutes of incessant torture, Mr. Makarov, Naked and half-conscious, is taken back to the table. The video stops then, but no sign of ending the torture is perceived.

The video, recorded on uniform camera,  leaked to Novaya Gazeta by lawyer Irina Biryukova who refused to give more information about the main source for security reasons. She further explained that it is one of many videos she received in previous weeks.

The new footage raised the question about the country’s justice system once more. Multiple reports divulged police brutality over “difficult” prisoners in Russia. As Ms Biryukova explained, following June 29 incident, shy travelled to Yaroslavl prison where she was denied access to her client who had been harshly beaten for a second time.

He could hardly walk. His heels were badly beaten and already infected. His skin was broken, his buttocks beaten. His [anus] had been beaten. He had bruises in his eyes and his arms were damaged where the handcuffs had dug in.

Russian State Penitentiary Service and the Yaroslavl State Investigative Committee announced starting investigations over the issue. The lawyer, however, believes that the incident is not an special one but a widespread practice across the country prisons.