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Calamitous Defeats may Overthrow Isis in the Last Town



Hundreds of suicide members and 4000 fighters of ISIS are going to try keep Hajin, the Syrian town near the border of Iraq. According to a local eyewitness, Sattam, several anti-Isis forces are near the Hajin exactly a year after Isis defeat in Mosul by Iraqi forces. He said that there are over 35000 people and 4000 Isis in this town adding that Isis has dug tunnels to be protected from aerial attacks.

Hajin has been regularly hit by airstrikes. The Iraqi bombers attacked a meeting of Isis leaders and killed 45 of them on June 23. The Isis deputy war minister, chief of police and a messenger of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi were among the dead.

He said that there was a conflict between the people of Hajin and Isis in which the people set fire to a center of Isis security men. The sheer number of groups live in the town is one of the main reason of Isis defeat.

The US-led coalition started Operation Roundup to take the last territory occupied by Isis along the Syria-Iraq border. Before this Isis had occupied Dashisha for five years that made the conditions terrible for its inhabitants.

At first, Isis treated people well, but after some victories which made them overconfident, they started executing people. They claimed that God order them to kill disbelievers. It continued in 2016 when Isis was angry due to their defeat in Mosul.

The calamitous defeats in Iraq and Syria may made Isis fighters demoralized and not determined to fight to the end. This would be a good news for people trapped in Hajin.