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Cannabis legalization in UK has led to Serious Concerns



Although UK is still struggling with the health problems, especially those attributed to drugs consumption, legalizing the drug use is an issue which has not been solved yet. The newest issue, is the emergence of cannabis clubs in which people can smoke freely without committing a crime.

Drugs users in the Teesside Cannabis Club pay an annual £35-membership, and would be backed by the police. The Middlesbrough club also allows the guests to get high in peace without being known as a criminal.

The location of the club is in the policing district of the Durham Constabulary which has always been known for its strict rules of chasing cannabis users. The club has been supported also by North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Arfon Jones. “The conversation around cannabis is changing and it is becoming more acceptable to talk about. We don’t feel the need to hide in the shadows about it,” said Fisher, the manager of the Middlesbrough club.

Fisher also expressed his enthusiasm for expanding the club across the country. Being proud of having a “very good relationship” with Police and Crime Commissioner Ron Hogg, he suggested North Wales as the possible future place for a new club.

“There are pubs and clubs where people go and drink alcohol so why shouldn’t consenting adults be able to use cannabis recreationally and without causing anyone any harm – and the location is such that there is no NIMBYism,” said Fisher.

However the legalization of drug use has concerned the authorities as well as the parents. According to Simon Stephen, Director of Casework for Addiction UK, “it can lead to addiction and cannabis users normally end up wanting more which can have a destructive impact on their lives.” “Your life can get to the point where you spend all your money on cannabis,” he continued.