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Cocaine, LSD, and Ketamine Dealing among US Navy Cadets



The investigations in US Navy represent that illegal substances are sold in it such as cocaine, LSD, and ketamine. As Fox News reported, a drug ring at the US Naval Academy is being accused of alleged drug abuse.

According to local media reports, drug dealing has been observed among the officers in US Navy. Three Navy cadets were seen to sell cocaine, ketamine, which is a powerful sedative substance, and LSD to other midshipmen. It has been found that they have bought them through the dark web using bitcoin.

Two dozens of the students have been suspected of complicit in drug-dealing. In an investigation the rooms of suspicious students were searched by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and as the result, a significant amount of cocaine was found.

Among the midshipmen, there was a woman who tried to escape but failed. She was taken for questioning. A drug test was ordered by the Naval Academy to be done for all 4,500 cadets.

“We are continuing to work with [Naval Criminal Investigative Service] on these reported allegations,” Commodore David McKinney, the Naval Academy spokesman said to the local media. He also added that the Navy “has a zero tolerance for drug abuse and takes all allegations of misconduct very seriously.”

The Midshipmen Regulations Manual declared that this kind of “wrongful use, possession, or willful involvement” in drugs can lead to separation from the Naval Academy. They show their concern about the issue, though this is not the first time that the members of the US Navy deal drugs.

An “alleged drug use and distribution,” has been reported among American sailors stationed in the Japanese city of Yokosuka. In April last year too, one active-duty and two retired Navy SEALs revealed that their coworkers used cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, marijuana, and ecstasy.