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Corbyn Accuses Israel over Its War Crimes against Gaza



Jeremy Corbyn has accused the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) of “committing wilful killings” as they killed 62 Palestinians in one day in May.

According to the Jewish Chronicle, a document has been sent from Corbyn’s office to Labour MPs that defines their assessment of violence against Palestinians. It shows that “Israeli forces appear to be committing wilful killings, constituting war crimes.”

UN figures has shown that 131 Palestinians were killed and about 14000 injured during the “Great March of Return”. Israel has blamed Hamas and claimed that they ordered Gazan to destroy the border fences while Corbyn’s document has shown that Israel’s actions against the people are cruel.

“Since March 30, a Palestinian movement (called the Great March of Return’) has been marching on the border between Israel and Gaza to protest against Israel’s illegal blockage of the area and the humanitarian crisis it is helping to fuel. The protests were largely peaceful, although they regularly featured stone-throwing and the rolling of tires at the border fence.”

Corbyn has recently visited Syrian and Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan, and said his party would recognize Palestine a state. He asked Israel to end the siege of Gaza and recognize the right to return.


He demanded the UK government to increase the financial support to the UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency), due to United States’ decision to decrease its planned funding for Palestinian refugees.