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Corbyn Calls UK to End ‘botched’ Brexit and Boost Manufacturing



Jeremy Corbyn will pledge to support exporters take benefit from the pound’s weakness and boost manufacturing in the country. He has mentioned that Theresa May’s government and the predecessors have neglected manufacturing that would lead to missing Brexit’s opportunities for companies. May is seeking to sell what is called her business-friendly Brexit to the competing factions and across the Britain only over eight months.

However, Corbyn would face dissent in his party with members who asks him to keep the closest ties with the EU.

 Theresa May and her warring cabinet should think again, even at this late stage, and reconsider the option of negotiating a brand new customs union. A botched… Brexit will sell our manufacturers short with the fantasy of a free trading buccaneering future, which in reality would be a nightmare of chlorinated chicken, public services sold to multinational companies and our country in hock to Donald Trump.

May has said that she wants a free trade agreement with Trump after Brexit that has frightened the lawmakers of importing US beef that has growth hormones.

Considering his leftist vision, Corbyn will talk about the reprogramming economy to support manufacturing and taking back “good jobs and industry”. The money would be used in growing the industries and supporting workers.