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Christian Right Activist: Control AIDS Epidemic by Stopping Gay Men Having Sex



Bryan Fischer, the Christian Right activist, believes that there is no need to worry about Expert’s concerns about another AIDS epidemic. Although he is no expert in this or any other field, he has one solution.

Fischer started his weird proposal with the conspiracy theory that the new warning about AIDS epidemic is the new strategy after the tensions about global warming has alleviated in media and public.

As he claimed, “You know what this is about? It just hit me. What this is about is the collapse of global warming hysteria.”

He documented his claim with the recent Gallup poll according to which manmade global warming is not in the list of top American fears any more. Fischer formerly announced that he believes, as Trump does, the global temperature is dropping and people must be cautious about coldness not warmness.

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The Christian Right activist further explained that even if the new cautions about AIDS epidemic are not false, there is nothing to worry about because there is a solution: Gay men should just stop having sex.

Now, it’s very, very simple, ladies and gentlemen. You wanna fix the AIDS epidemic, you wanna bring it under control, you want it to go away, there’s only two things that you need to do. Tell people — tell gay men to stop having sex with other gay men. That’s job number one. Tell gay men, ‘Don’t have sex with other gay men.

Fischer also said that people need to get converted to Christ on order to control AIDS epidemic! Fischer, in a weird and undocumented claim, noted that conversion therapy is the only remained way.

Fischer’s proposal, however, has a very big gap. CDC’s statistics in 2016 shows that 19% of new HIV diagnosis relates the women who had been in heterosexual relationships.

This is not the first time Fischer states nasty remarks about gay people. He formerly said that Homosexuality is illegal and should be banned while HIV patients should be kept in Quarantine. Morality, human rights and expertise; these are things the Christian activist seems to have no notion of.