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Direct Talks Arranged with EU Countries to Save Chequers Agreement



After the EU’s negotiator, Michel Barnier, warned the UK’s plan was impractical and illegal, the prime minister will send her cabinet ministers across Europe to hold direct talks with EU countries to save her Chequers plan for Brexit.

Barnier insisted that it could not form the basis of a talk adding that for having progress on talking a scheme for future trade the UK should sign up an applicable ‘backstop” to avoid a hard border for Northern Ireland.

Thus, the prime minister attempts to break the impasse by meeting Austria, the Czech Republic and Estonia in the coming week. In addition, her effective deputy, David Lidington, will go to France, the Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, will head to Germany, Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, will visit Spain and Greg Clarke, the business secretary, will fly to Italy.

May mentioned that the negotiations will continue in Brussels and there would be great news on how the proposal will benefit the European citizens.

 This is a principled and practical Brexit that is mutual interests of the UK and EU but it will require pragmatism from both sides. We must step up the pace of negotiations and get on to deliver a good deal that will bring greater prosperity and security to both British and European citizens. We both know the clock is ticking – let’s get on with it.

As the two sides were so far away on key issues, the hopes for an agreement in October have been faded. The final chance of a deal would be on a summit for November.

Although the majority of the Commons are opposite, May has insisted crashing out without a deal remains an option. She has warned that if the Chequers is refused, there will be “no Brexit at all“.