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Donald Trump is Heading towards Impeachment – and You Have the Power to Make that Happen



When it comes to President Donald Trump, what you see is what you get – and what most of us see is a shallow slimeball.

Trump shows little respect for women, poor folks, smart people or just about anyone of colour. He brags about grabbing women “by the pussy”, is facing lawsuits for sexual assault, locks migrant children up and has declared bankruptcy six times. He is a slave to America’s gun lobby, has suggested Mexicans are rapists and doesn’t seem to believe climate change is a genuine phenomenon.

Never has there been a man less capable of representing my country to the world. Never has there been a man who so blatantly tramples upon the freedoms and values that America holds dear. And never has there been a man who so flagrantly cares less about the lives and wellbeing of his people.

History remembers Richard Nixon as some sort of monster but at least he had the common decency to resign when he was caught. Trump lacks both common decency and common sense – and that’s why, in the wake of this week’s judgements, he’s finally got to go.

Mercifully, it appears that national day of reckoning could be fast approaching. Trump’s cronies are finally turning on their master and burying him in a series of legal predicaments from which not even Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan can rescue him.

Yesterday, Trump’s former lawyer and campaign manager were both convicted of a string of financial crimes, with Michael Cohen explicitly implicating the president in involvement in campaign finance violations. What were those campaign violations? According to his former aide Cohen, the president has been lying about paying off women he was afraid might blab about their alleged affairs.

Cohen testified under oath Trump directed him to buy the silence of a Playboy playmate and a porn star for the sole purpose of protecting the reality TV star-turned president’s tumultuous sideshow bid for the highest office. According to Cohen’s lawyer, that means Trump should be facing criminal charges too.