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Donald Trump Mocks UK NHS after Farage’s Criticism of Immigrants



Following the British politician Nigel Farage’s criticism of government’s immigration policies, Donald Trump slams at Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) in a tweet. The tweet which came few minutes after Farage’s comment, called the UK health services as a “broke” one.

In his tweet, Trump said that thousands of people “are marching in the UK” because the NHS is “going broke.” However, his tweet was bombarded by comments from his opponents.

In his speech on Fox News, Farage blamed the immigration policies, which turned the National Health Service into the “International Health Service.” “Well the problem we’ve got is a population crisis caused by government policy on immigration,” Farage said in his interview.

“The problem is we haven’t got enough hospitals, we haven’t got enough doctors, we haven’t got enough facilities. Another problem we’ve got is the National Health Service has become the International Health Service. We’ve got a lot of people coming into Britain from all over the world so we do need absolutely fundamental reforms,” he added.

Trump also thanked Fox News for “exposing the truth.” In his tweet Trump hinted to the ‘Save our NHS’ protest on Saturday in which people took a rally to demand more funding for the crisis-hit NHS. The protesters gathered in central London with banners with the words “kick the Tories out”, “more staff, more beds, more funds”, and “keep your hands off our NHS.”

Trump’s comment on NHS problems in UK was followed by lots of opposite tweets and posts. “Your interest in our treasured NHS is noted – I’m sure, as ever, you are on top of the detail. On the off chance you’re not, pls read this @LibDems report, published today, to find out how to fund a universal healthcare system,” said Liberal Democrats leader Vince Cable addressing Trump.

Reminding Trump’s retweets of fake Islamophobic videos, one Twitter person blasted Trump by asking where he got his information.

Poking at US health services in which just elderly and poor people can get free care, while others should buy health insurance, the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt tweeted that he is proud of such a universal health coverage system.