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Early Summer Break To Help May in a Leadership Challenge



Theresa May has planned to send MPs to summer break early that has made others to think she is scared of a leadership challenge. In this regard, the MPs would leave Westminster on Thursday instead of next Tuesday.

The move would cause hard Brexit-supporting Tories to vote no confidence in May’s leadership of the Conservative party while the Brexiteers think they would need some days for performing the contest. This early recess would take place as May turned to Tory party chairman for achieving their support in her Chequers plan.

The Liberal Democrat leader, Vince Cable, stated:

With the Tories languishing in a state of civil war, Theresa May is running scared of a leadership challenge with plans for an early recess.

According to two separate sources, the early summer holiday has been hatched though the Commons Leader has to back it. It is believed that, she is scared of a backlash as MPs may extend the summer holiday to avoid backbench plotting.

No one will argue because Friday is a non-sitting day and the cabinet will go to the North East for an away day. Although no legislation is going to be debated next week, early departure would cancel committee hearings and urgent questions that would be asked from ministers.