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Cannabis Gets Legal as Medicine in UK and Cures an Epileptic Boy



Following a special exemption license stamped by the Home Office, the epileptic Billy Caldwell can go home with medicinal cannabis.

Last month, an emergency license was granted for a 12 year old boy, Billy, who was in a hospital under critical conditions. His mother brought seven bottles from Toronto which were confiscated at the Heathrow Airport. But the Home Office, and Chelsea and Westminster Hospital agreed to send him home with his medicinal cannabis. A family spokesman said:

The Department of Health in Northern Ireland are applying for a license for Billy’s medication to be administered at home in Castlederg. In anticipation of that application being processed, the Home Office have rubber-stamped it and he will be going home at some point this week.

Ms. Caldwell, Billy’s mother, mentioned that the Home Office by the help of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital wanted this to happen. She was happy that they will be home very soon, and said this should happen for all the other families who need it.

Although the Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust and the Home Office didn’t comment on it, they set up a panel to accept applications for licenses for the drug from senior clinicians. By ministers’ approval, doctors can prescribe cannabis for their patients.

While the government believed that cannabis has no recognized medicinal or legitimate uses, the Home Office announced that its banned status as a medicine should be removed.