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European Commission Rejects Johnson’s Britain-France Bridge



On Thursday evening, the UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson suggested building a bridge between Britain and France to complement the Channel Tunnel. His suggestion has been accepted by French President Emmanuel Macron. “I agree. Let’s do it,” said Macron in the Telegraph. However, the idea was ridiculed by some of the politicians.

Now after a few days following Johnson’s suggestion, the European Commission rejected the plan. “I have the feeling that this project is not there,” suggested the commission spokesperson.  The project is not on a list of priority “trans-European networks,” the EU official added.

Boris Johnson called it “ridiculous” that the two countries are joined by just a railway line. However, the project seems not to be applicable for EU funding, according to European Commission. Downing Street has also threw down the idea it presume that relationship with France would be limited to “a panel of experts who will look at major projects together including infrastructure”.

Johnson, put a 22-mile bridge in the proposal. It was ridiculed by the UK’s chamber of shipping. The organization warned that “building a huge concrete structure in the middle of the world’s busiest shipping lane might come with some challenges.”

In 1994, a 31-mile Channel Tunnel was completed which runs from near Folkestone in Kent to Calais and carried a 160km/h high-speed rail link. The channel Tunnel transport over ten million people each year. There is high-speed rail from London to Paris, Brussels, Lille, Calais, Marseille, Amsterdam and potential future expansion into Germany.

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