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Ex-Priest Alleged with Possessing 2,000 Child Rape/Torture Images and Videos and Two Cases of Child Sexual Abuse



A retired priest who has been indicted in February for keeping hundreds of images of child pornography besides ecstasy and LSD is brought to even more charges after officials announced that the man held more than 2,000 images and videos depicting illicit rape of kids. Prosecutors also announced that the photos and videos contained violent torture of children too.

Local reports announced that 18 counts of possession and two counts of distribution of child pornography has been filed for Rev. Thomas Faucher by prosecutors in Ada county. Thomas Faucher, 72-year-old retired priest from Idaho, was imprisoned on Tuesday after he failed to secure the 1-million-dollar bail.

The retired priest was jailed after the judge raised the bail from $250,000 following new charges.  Defense attorney Mark Manweiler asserted that his client is compliant about increasing the bond. He further noted that there is no justification behind the order.

According to Prosecutor Kassandra Slaven, however, Faucher is also alleged with sexual abuse. Slaven further explained that two people “have also come forward claiming that Faucher sexually abused them as children.”

The $1 million bond is more than justified, considering the new evidence that has been discovered and actual allegations from alleged victims. This investigation has moved far beyond visual images and into the realm of first-hand assault.

Slaven believes that the newly detected images warranted additional measures. Besides, the new images and videos had a “violent nature.” Among the more than 2,000 images and videos found in Fletcher’s possession, she explained, a great majority depicted “the extremely brutal rape and torture of children.”

The Rev. W. Thomas Faucher, 72, chose to wave his preliminary hearing Tuesday, March 13, 2018 at the Ada County Courthouse in Boise./Photo:

Ms. Slaven also said that Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force confirmed that the images and videos contained some of worst materials ever seen against children. Torture of adults and animals and killing the latter were also reported in the retired priest’s possessions.

There were also numerous chat conversations in which Faucher acknowledged his interest in sexually abusing and killing children. “There’s no doubt this defendant has very sadistic and deviant sexual interests,” Slaven said.

Against Faucher’s attorney’s claim about no new “types of charges” to increase the bond, the prosecutors believe that the violent nature of new photos and videos is considered a different type of criminal act. Besides, the priest may have carried out some of his evil plans against the children considering new allegations.

The divine morality in which the man learnt and taught for years seems to have failed him in keeping a human one. Faucher is not the first religious man to commit such insane acts and may not be the last.

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