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An Exhibition of Crimes in UK Parliament; MPs Haves Secured Seats in UK



The list of different crimes committed in British parliament by MPs shows that, one can be a wrongdoer and still has power. Nefarious assertions, inappropriate behavior, neo Nazis reflection, racist manner, and sexual abuses are the common crimes existing in Parliament.

Using racist words and phrases in her speech Marie Morris caused a wide range of rage in 2017. “Now I’m sure there will be many people who’ll challenge that, but my response and my request is look at the detail. It isn’t all doom and gloom. Now we get to the real n***** in the woodpile, which is, in two years what happens if there is no deal?” said Morris.

The word connotes slavery, oppression, and suppression. It made the people around the world furious. However, the use of the word was okay for the MP because she is a Tory! Morris was removed from the position but came back after 5 months.

“I have learned from this experience and have a new determination to uphold the highest possible standards in public life. I feel proud and privileged to be a member of parliament and I will continue to serve my community and my country to the best of my ability,” said Morris on her return.

Mark Garnier’s sexual harassment has been recently one of the hottest issues in Parliament. Using his secretary to buy sex toys for him, and calling her with some derogatory names like “sugar tits” caused resentment among people. However, it wasn’t enough to sack the MP from the parliament.

Caroline Edmondson, Garnier’s secretary, revealed that she was asked to go to a Soho sex shop and buy multiple vibrators for Garnier. However, he became the international trade minister in May’s recent cabinet reshuffle.

Ben Bradley has also suggested to people who has no university education and no job, not to have children. According to him, if you face difficulties in your life, it would be better for you to forget the family life. As he said, he was scared of Britain “drowning in a cast sea of unemployed wasters.” Accordingly, no poor family has the right to have children.

Toby Young was one of the other “unsackable” MPs. Backing eugenics, Toby Young has been known as a ‘neo Nazis’ who aim to “improve” the human races. His homophobic and misogynistic notions were not enough to get him sacked either.

“Theresa May stood by Toby Young when she should be firing him. This is a man who has a record of misogyny and backs eugenics. His appointment shows poor judgment and, as May admitted, a lack of due diligence. It seems all you need to survive is be a friend of Boris Johnson #Marr,” said Liberal Democrat Vince Cable. Seemingly UK’s parliament is a place for criminals in power with no fear of getting sacked.