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“Facebook Bows to Censor Requests from Israel”; Pro-Palestinian Page Removed from FB



A pro-palestinian page in Facebook has been taken down by the manager so of this social media. This is considered the latest in a chain of page removal by Facebook renewing the controversies over “censorship” of the company.

“Occupy London” started its job on Facebook in 2011 and attracted more than 150 thousand followers in 7 years. An Occupy London spokesperson said it is the continuation of “removal of posts related to Palestine.”

They also asserted that this is not the first time the social media, under the influence of dictator powers, gives bias to contents by censoring:

It feels like censorship. For months, we faced removal of posts related to Palestine. Perhaps once every few weeks or so, a post would be taken down and admins for the page were frozen out of their personal accounts. Then, today, Facebook unpublished the entire page.

The page managers also called for republishing of the page saying, “we want to see our page back up with immediate effect.

Weeks ago, Glenn Greenwald, the renowned journalist, slammed the Facebook saying Facebook bows to the pressures from Israel to oppress Palestinian activists. An Intercept report also verifies that Israel made 158 request to Facebook in previous 4 months. 95 percent of the requests were granted by Facebook clearly showing the influence of Zionists at the company.