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The Family of Murdered Egyptian Student Blames Police for Missing “Vital Warnings”



On Wednesday, an 18 years old Egyptian student Mariam Moustafa, was killed in a racist attack. Mariam Moustafa was being beaten to death by a group of girls in Victoria Centre, Nottingham. Her Family blamed the Police for missing “vital warnings” she could be targeted.

As her family revealed, they had previously made an official complaint to the police in August, when Mariam came back home with a broken leg. They believe that the police didn’t care and also didn’t act sufficiently on the proper time.

After the attack she was taken to the Queen’s Medical Centre, but unfortunately she went in a coma. She was then transferred to Nottingham City Hospital, where she died because of her severe injuries.

Malak Moustafa, 16, her sister claimed that she was attacked by the same group who has previously assaulted her. “She recognized them from the first attack and tried to walk away, they started shouting at her and followed her,” she said, the Times reported.

“They’re all younger than us. I think they are aged between 15 and 17. I don’t know who they are, and they go to a different school,” Malak continued.

“I do think that vital warnings were missed. The police should’ve done something after the first attack, but they did nothing. After the first attack, a complaint was filed and that was it. The second time they just said they were reopening the case and that was it. There has been little communication even after our family has been ripped apart,” she continued.

“I’m upset with everyone to be honest. No one did anything. Something could’ve been done, and if the police did, then she would still be here,” Malak said.

Her father 49-year-old Mohamed declared that: “I don’t know why they attacked her the first time, but they recognized her the second time and went after her again. My wife and I think it was racially motivated because Mariam didn’t know these girls. Why would you attack someone randomly?” he asked, according to the Times.

“They were all of different color skin to Mariam. Maybe that is why they did this — they also called her ‘black rose’. I just don’t know why they would attack her when she did nothing wrong.”

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