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Far-right Activists and Colombia Agents behind Assassination, Maduro Says in TV Address



Short after the failed assassination attempt against Venezuelan president, Nicholas Maduro announced that some of perpetrators, linked with far-right opposition cooperating with Colombia, have been identified and arrested.

Talking two hours after survival from the incident in a television address, Maduro remarked that the explosive drones, missioned for an assassination attempt, were detonated near the stage where he was giving a speech at a military event. “This was an attempt to kill me,” Maduro added.

Nicholas Maduro, having no sign of injury in his televised address, explained the incident as a shockwave to people after the second explosion:

I thought it was a pyrotechnic fire, in a matter of micro seconds there was a second explosion to my right. You could see people running because they felt the shockwave.

Investigations started right after the incident with some suspects arrested in the first two hours, according to Maduro. Venezuelan president accused far-rights extremists as plotters of the vicious act.

I have no doubt that everything points to the Venezuelan ultra-right in alliance with the Colombian extreme right, and the name of [Colombian President] Juan Manuel Santos is behind this attack.

A soldier injured in assassination attempt against Nicholas Maduro.

Maduro further explained that the primary investigation proves that the money for the attackers were transferred from Florida, US.

He said that the attack is a sign that he is on the correct rail in economic and political recovery and he is now more determined to continue with his policy of “recovery, growth and prosperity” until reaching an economic stability.

With tightening the grips on Venezuela by the US and its allies, the country has experienced an economic depression with hyperinflation reaching 1,000,000 percent by end of year. US claims that the country’s president is a dictator and calls him illegitimate.

Donald Trump went even further to consider a military option against the country. The US has also made grounds in media and public communities of the country for an all-out coup. The recent assassination attempt is also considered, directly or indirectly, linked with the US plots to overthrow the government of Maduro.

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