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A Furious Man Injures 13 People by Driving His Car into a Nightclub



13 people were injured when a furious man drove his car into a nightclub in Gravesend, Kent, late on Saturday and put them in dreadful situation. The number of the injured people was confirmed by the Police of Kent. They are now investigating to find whether it was a terrorist attack or not.

A large number of people who were having fun in Blake’s nightclub in the town of Gravesend in northwest Kent, England, when a driver steered his car into the club. Posts on social media show a car inside the club and emergency vehicles crowding outside. Police, fire and rescue service crews were dispatched to the scene on Queen Street.

People inside the club attacked the car and the driver after it stopped in club. The angry partygoers used strong language.

The Police declared that the driver is believed to have been kicked out of the nightclub following a brawl inside. He has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

Witnesses say the bouncers tried to stop the car from crashing into the club, shouting at the driver to no avail. One of the guards attempted to drag the man out and managed to open the vehicle’s door, but it continued to move, hitting another guard. “Another security guard tried to jump out of the way but he went onto the bonnet and hit the windscreen,” told one of the people there to the Sun.