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Galloway Calls Boris Johnson & Jacob Rees-Mogg “Madmen”



George Galloway, a Scottish politician, who has been a supporter of the Labour leader since Corbyn’s election in September 2015, blasted Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and the Tory star Jacob Rees-Mogg as “madmen.” He has also criticized the presidents of US, Israel, and North Korea, because of their use of Nuclear weapons.

In the speech Galloway was making at the ‘Imperialism on Trial’ event in Derry, Northern Ireland about the need for nuclear disarmament and prohibition of making atomic weapons, he asks rhetorically if it’s because they’re ruled by madmen.

Discussing Kim Jong-un’s recent threats about building a nuclear structure in order to “protect” his country from the US, Galloway asked “is it because he is a madman?” “Well, the United States is ruled by a madman,” he replied himself.

“I’m not sure what you describe Theresa May as, not a madman of course, but not strong and stable either. And who comes after her?” he continued. “Boris Johnson? There is madman if ever I saw one,” Galloway emphasized. He has also blamed Rees-Mogg by saying “Jacob Rees-Mogg with his double-breasted pyjamas? Fancy his finger on the nuclear button?”

“And Corbyn is treated as if he’s the madman because he says he will never press a button that would trigger a nuclear conflagration that would wipe out humanity, indeed all life on this planet,” Galloway expressed in his speech. “He is the madman because he will not contemplate the end of Mother Earth. It’s astonishing, isn’t it? How everything is inverted,” he added.