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General Carter: More Money Needed to Get Ready for War with Russia



General Sir Nick Carter, the UK Army chief, warned the Royal United Services Institute that Britain’s military is not ready enough to fight with its enemies in a needed situation. Naming Russia as their plausible adversary, he expressed his concern about Moscow’s long-range missiles, “aggressive expeditionary force” and “cyber-warfare capabilities.”

Under the influence of Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson, General Carter begs more money from the government. According to him, in order to become ready for a possible war with Russia, the UK Army needs extra cash.

However, his concerns was ridiculed and was said to be just a pretense, by referring to the British missiles placed on Russia’s border in Estonia, the expeditionary force deployed next to them, and the UK Army’s cyberwarfare specialists at 77th Brigade or GCHQ.

However, using Russia to plunder the government is not so surprising in the current chaotic and unsettled government. According to the analyst Mark Galeotti, “Russia is being weaponised.” General Carter uses Russia to intimidate public and government, while as reports suggest Britain won’t face Russia on a battlefield any time soon.

It is believed that Carter’s concern is due to the “large-scale” Zapad military practices held in western Russia. In November, there was another threat from government, when Russian President Vladimir Putin told arms producers that they must be able to prepare for war. There are also some other resolutions like asking for some of the weapons it has sold to Saudi Arabia in its war with Yemen, or it stopping beginning wars in the Middle East.