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“Go Out Now”; Indian Protesters Burn Israel Flag Calling for Netanyahu Visit Termination



Israeli Prime Mister’s travel to India was welcomed by a large group of protesters in New Delhi. The visit is the first after 15 years and has led to local controversies in India.

Angry people burned an effigy with the Netanyahu’s picture calling for his go-back. The protesters held placards and banners mostly condemning the visit and urging the PM to leave the country.

Crossed-out images of the Israeli prime minister reading “Go back, Netanyahu in Hindu and English were held by some protesters. Footages also show a man in frontline burning the Israeli flag while the picture of Benjamin Netanyahu was attached to it.

Kargil was also the center to massive protests. Hundreds of protesters rallied against Netanyahu visit in Kargil and called for its termination.

Calling the travel “historic and especial,” Indian counterpart Narendra Modi reported that the Israeli PM landed at New Delhi airport on Sunday. Cybersecurity, energy, and space cooperation are the coral subjects of negotiations announced by the officials

The visit occurs weeks after India, along with 127 other United Nations General Assembly members, voted against the US decision to move its Israeli embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The vote was an instigating turning point in the movement regarding Jerusalem.

India hopes to strengthen ties with Zionists as a way to make for long years of occupation and colonialism. This is while Israel is taken as one of the most violent and non-committed colonialists of the modern world.