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Half of Brexit Department Staff Leave Job After Failure to Exit EU



The Whitehall department, the center for analysis and implementation of Brexit, is being departed by more groups of officials. Following weeks and months of failure that led to the resigning of some of ministers, the officials in Brexit department find no point in continuing their job.

More than half of staff at Whitehall department have quit their job, according to the new figures. The data also shows that the average age of the remainers at the department is currently 32.

These youngsters are to plan for a complex deal that would impact the future of Britain for decades. The new report accounts for “deep instability” at the center of Brexit operation.

With 357 staff, mostly experienced ones, leaving the Dexeu in two years, the grand plan for leaving the European Union has practically failed after multiple years of endeavors.

A Dexeu spokesman, nevertheless, expressed that the quitting of staff is justified by the limited time-span of their operation:

In keeping with this, the majority of our staff are employed on fixed-term contracts or are loaned from other government departments, and many have been drawn from civil service talent streams. Many of those who have left to date have moved on to other government departments because their loan or rotation ended. Only a small minority have actually left the civil service.

Theresa May’s government has been in crisis for months after endeavors for implementing Brexit failed one after another.