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Henry Bolton is Sacked as Ukip Leader after Just 5 Months



Ukip members voted to oust Henry Bolton as the leader of UK Independence Party. He has been the leader of Ukip since September 2017. But yesterday he has been sacked, which made the future of the party vague.

During an extraordinary emergency conference held yesterday, in which 1,500 Ukip members gathered in Birmingham, the 54-year-old leadership, Henry Bolton lost the no confidence motion by 867 to 500 votes.

When the result was expressed Mr. Bolton said he was “disappointed”, but added: “I have not finished in politics yet.” Now the party is waiting a fourth leadership contest in 18 months. Meanwhile the Ukip MEP Gerard Batten will act as interim leader.

When Bolton was elected as the leader of Ukip last September, he wanted to professionalize the party and bring together different factions in Ukip. However, his relationship with Jo Marney affected his position, due to her racist comments.

Jo Marney said that Prince Harry’s fiancée, Meghan Markle’s “seed will taint our Royal Family.” Somewhere else she has also claimed that the royal relationship could lead to a “black king,” while she was complaining about the immigration and “not wanting other races and cultures to invade your own.”

She has made racist statements about black people too. She said that she would never have sex with a “negro” since they are “ugly”. “This is Britain, not Africa,” she added. Following the publication of the messages, Bolton broke off the relationship to save his own position in politics. But soon after a picture of them, traveling together, indicated the beginning of their relationship.

On Friday, Bolton criticized the media since he believed it is scrutinizing his private life. “There’s probably been nothing like that since the Profumo affair or Diana and Dodi (Fayed),” he told Sky News.

Earlier this week Nigel Farage has also claimed that Ukip is “collapsing”. “Make no mistake,” he said. “Ukip is collapsing. There is no point in pretending it is not.” “The basis structures of the party organization are disappearing; branches are closing and many of the sitting councilors in the forthcoming elections wish to run as independents”, he continued.

“After more than 20 years of touring the country, addressing 1,500 public meetings at which I pushed the Ukip message and built up the party, I look on the latest twist in its 25-year history with a mixture of dismay and disbelief,” he added.