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High Rank Archbishop Sentenced to 1-year Imprisonment for Child Sex Abuse Cover-up Passes Detention at Home



Philip Wilson, the famous Archbishop who expected a 2-year sentence while then received a 1-year imprisonment for what is called sexual abuse, will rest home instead.

Archbishop Philip Wilson was trialed for concealing sexual abuse of children by another priest. He was sentenced to 1 year in prison after being found guilty by the court.

Mr. Wilson is the Highest-Ranking Vatican Official to be convicted by a court. The outcome of the trial, however, proved futile as the archbishop will pass no one day in prison.

Serving as the Archbishop of Adelaide, Wilson was given a six-month home detention besides another six months of parole as the replacement for the conviction he received by the court.

The ‘age and poor health’ were noted as the reasons behind changing the sentence. Last May, former president of the Catholic Church’s top office in Australia was found guilty for concealing pedophilia by priest James Fletcher. The abuse of altar boys dates back to 1970s.

The 67-year-old Archbishop was expecting a two-year sentence while forces from the Vatican seems to have changed the sentence step by step. Wilson quit his role while no resign has still been submitted.

The trial, nevertheless, was held not to punish the archbishop due to “the criminality of the concealment,” but because of “so much public outcry,” as Magistrate Robert Stone said during the course of trial.

Analysts, nevertheless, believe that even the 1-year sentence for a person who had a direct role is sexual abuse would be too light considering the intensity and significance of the crime. Peter Gogarty, one of the victims, expressed that he is “disappointed that it’s not a custodial sentence.”

While Australia gestured as a pioneer in conviction of an archbishop, the outcome of the trial proved that it’s still crazy to think the justice dominates above all roles and positions.