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Hijab Ban in London School Infuriates Muslim Parents



A Primary school Located in East London in Newham called St Stephen, bans its students from wearing hijabs and religious fasting. Arif Qawi, the chairman of the school, bans the students to do their religious rituals which angered so many parents.

“It just seemed wrong. It is common sense,” said Qawi to the Sunday Times. “Here we are responsible for their health and safety. If they pass out on campus… it is not fair to us,” he continued.

In his interview, he also accepted that his decision is “a personal crusade to severely limit the Islamization process and turn these children into modern British citizens.” Banning pupils from fasting on school days during Ramadan, seemed an interference to many Muslim parents.

“I think it totally contradicts the statement of the school that they are teaching our children to become respectful citizens,” one of the mothers said.

I feel extremely angered by the fact that they are not respecting us as parents regarding our children’s upbringing.

Muslim Parents desire respect from the authorities of a country which claims freedom for its citizens. They ask for their rights as a human with a different religion. The school’s interference imposes down their children’s upbringing.

The spokesman of the Department of Education, however, claimed that “it is a matter for individual schools to decide how to accommodate children observing Ramadan, and to set uniform policies. We issue clear guidance on uniform and to help schools understand their legal duties under the Equality Act.” Islamophobia and suppressing Muslims, started years ago in some European countries, seems to be taking a new turn with making glass ceilings for these citizens to control the worldwide reactions.