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Huge Marchers Hit the Streets across the Country Against Trump’s UK Visit



Trump was at Chequers to make a good relationship with Theresa May while hundred thousand of people hit the London’s streets to show their anger toward the president’s presence in the country. There were many different kinds of protesting including elegantly designed placards and pieces of papers that showed the antagonism for the billionaire.

Demonstrations with tens of thousands in London showed the anger at the US president who claimed earlier people in UK love him. Many believe that he doesn’t understand anything about the world and what people think. Paul Robert, 45, said

He is aggressive. He is a narcissist. He is a misogynist. I think the world would be better off if he stuck to business, not politics. He likes to get angry and get people that are already angry angrier. He is a spark to kindling and wants anything that gets him attention.

According to police reports, over 100,000 joined the march by mid-afternoon. Trump claimed that the US-UK relationship is at the highest level of special, but people chanted “Donald Trump’s not welcome here.”

Most of them wanted to show that they are against Trump’s racism, misogyny and homophobia. Although the weather was hot and the temperature up to 29C, the people marched with energy chanting: “Hey ho, hey ho, Donald Trump has got to go.”

The demonstrations didn’t descend on London, it was in the streets of all cities around the country, Scotland, and North Ireland. There were about 600 marchers in Birmingham as well as Manchester on Friday afternoon.

Kate Oliver, 64, stated: “I am here for human rights, women’s rights, racism, migration, anti-fascism, Palestine, civility, kindness, compassion.”

The crowd called him as a horrible human being, dangerous, great destroyer, and cruel bully. They have planned to continue their demonstrations through this weekend.