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IDF Killed 3 in Gaza Border, 12yo Boy Included



New wave of offensive against Palestinians in Gaza Border led to the death of three people. A 12-year-old boy was reported among the victims of IDF attacks against Palestinian protesters.

reports also indicate that 248 people were injured during the protest. The violence, the deadliest of its kind since 2014, had three victims all reported in their youth. Hani Ramzi Afaneh and Mohammad Khalil Shaqoura, both 21, as well as 12-year-old Shadi Abul-Al, WAFA news agency reported.

More than 248 Palestinians were injured, a major number of whom in critical condition, by tear-gas exposure. The Gaza Health Ministry, confirming the reports about the victims, asserted that 15 people were shot by live bullets.

The Palestinian protesters were described as “rioters” Israeli Defense Forces asserting that no severe reactions were made against the citizens. The Israeli army spokesman said that the protesters pelted its forces with rocks and burning tires, throwing two grenades and bombs, injuring one Israeli soldier. Medical service was given to the soldier on the zone after he suffered a shrapnel wound.

Tensions have been on rising tone since six months ago when the first “Great March of Return” broke up with more than 30,000 Palestinians. Israeli Hostility had 178 victims so far, all unarmed, while 19,000 injuries have also been recorded.