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India’s fear forced it to cancel missile deal with Israel



Israeli intelligence spy controversy on Pentagon, which occurred over the past decades, faced with the American pressure resulting in the collapse of Israeli Ministry of Defence’s Scientific Information Office.

The office recently co-signed with the Chinese side to design artificial islands that has not yet been implemented. However, after a missile deal with India, the Indian government has also announced the cancellation of the military deal with Tel Aviv. Reports indicate that India is afraid of Israel stealing Delhi’s military secrets.

Indeed, if India’s scientific records and nuclear capabilities are at the disposal of Israel, the Israeli intelligence service can use them for their strategic desires. Of course, the contract included importing weapons from Israel and technology transfer but the reality is something else. Should I wait and see Can Netanyahu bring Modi along or not?

The Israeli-Indian defense technology does not seem to go beyond papers. If Modi wants to move toward the economics, he needs to reduce tensions between the surrounding countries and completely end them. While military cooperation with Tel Aviv will definitely lead to stirring up the relations with the people of Pakistan and its government.